7 nominations.
10 awards.
300+ films and TV shows.
30 years.
We got this.

VES Award


Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Photoreal/Live Action Feature Motion Picture

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Satellite Award

Best Visual Effects

Dawn of the Planet
of the Apes

Primetime Emmy


Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role

American Horror Story, “Edward Mordrake: Part 2”

VES Award Nominee


Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode

The First (2018)


Spectrum FX has become as much a production company as it is a special effects company. With the addition of Donnie Dean, Ty Abrahams, Justin Johnson, and Matt’s sons Matthew and Zackary, the volume of quality work this team is able to facilitate is expanding exponentially every day.

CEO & Founder

Matt Sr. is the mastermind behind the madness that is Spectrum FX. Constantly moving and always thinking of new ways to achieve more, Matt has trained everyone at Spectrum and works closely with the Spectrum team for every project – anywhere in the world.

Coordinator of Accounts Receivable

Lisa “Mrs. Kutcher” works at Matt’s side as well as supporting the crew of Spectrum in various capacities. With an extensive background in the medical field, she brings intense focus and energy to the team and works for the success of all.

Special Effects Coordinator

Growing up in the Spectrum FX world, Matt (Smalls) has gained special effects skills beyond comparison and serves as the workshop and on-set guru. Matt handles everything from car explosions to motion bases.

Special Effects Coordinator

Growing up in the film industry, Zack has acquired years of experience in all aspects of special effects. Zack adds a contemporary flair to Spectrum FX’s video production and is well on his way to becoming a successful Special Effects coordinator.


Taylor Kutcher, Matt’s daughter, works diligently behind the scenes and provides valuable support that keeps the Spectrum world spinning!

Special Effects Supervisor

With over 80 special effects credits, Donnie provides seasoned advice as a film industry veteran and guides our growing special effects team.

Special Effects Coordinator

After successfully completing an associates degree in TV Production, followed by a bachelor degree in Communication, Justin Johnson was ready to apply his knowledge to the film industry. Justin has remained at Spectrum for the past 10 years, learning crucial skills and applying them through-out his career. Today he is one of our top Coordinators, with well over 30 film credits, supplying a decade of on-the-job expertise.

Shop Floor Supervisor

Mike moved from Los Angeles in 2021 to join Spectrum, bringing with him 30 years’ experience as an FX professional. His extensive portfolio includes creating FX for music videos, commercials, awards shows, TV shows and motion pictures.

Special Effects Coordinator

After years of delivering entertainment to homes, Ty now enjoys being on the other side of the camera and spares no effort in thoroughly preparing for every scene as if it is a trailer moment.

Special Effects Coordinator

Matt Harris brings years of experience to Spectrum from his time as an independent coordinator, and has proven himself time and again as a leader within our organization.

SPFX Coordinator

Mark Hava is a 15+ year film industry veteran and joined Spectrum after many years of owning his own special effects company. Mark’s passion and determination on a film set are unmatched, and he brings the same energy to work daily. He has vast experience and talent in all aspects of special effects, including physics, mechanics, pyrotechnics, and rigging, and is constantly training others to be better.

Vehicle Specialist/Shop Foreman

Jason is a true “Jack of all trades” and a master at most. Specializing in custom roll cages for some of the souths hottest vehicles. He has found his way into film and television using his talents in 3D scanning vehicles, designing roll cages on the computer, and managing a team to implement a new industry standard of roll cage and vehicular safety, and design.

Specialty Effect/ Prop & Mold Specialist

A true tinkerer, and innovator by nature. His skills come from years of maintaining large equipment, ranging from boilers and machinery, to building hot rods and old motorcycles. His uncanny ability to utilize a vast amount of materials and turn them into works of art has made him one of the best Mold Makers we have seen. With an incredible attention to detail and uncanny ability to turn piles of raw material into works of art in Spectrums in house Props & Mold shop.

SPFX Coordinator

Before his career at Spectrum, Chue spent 23 years in the Marine Corps, retiring as a Gunnery Sergeant. Chue specialized in tasks ranging from administration to demolitions and everything in between. Chue brings determination and intense focus to any project he is on and refuses to consider anything other than success.

Prop & Mold Shop Supervisor

After 33 Years in the boat manufacturing business doing cost analysis, and 6 years in the army as a radar technician, Howard wanted a change of pace. He left his home state of Florida and came to Louisiana to work at Spectrum. Howard found his way into Spectrums in house Prop & Mold making shop. Bringing three decades in cost analysis has proved incredibly helpful in managing the entire prop shop.

Purchasing & Logistics

After spending several years learning the ropes on set, Santanna moved into coordinating logistics and purchasing at Spectrum. She utilizes her field experience to her advantage in the office to support the processes behind the scenes as she continues to grow alongside us.

Pyrotechnic Supervisor
Shop Project Manager/POD Car Specialist

EJ contributes an extensive background in automotive mechanics to Spectrum’s portfolio, specializing in remote-drive vehicles such as our POD cars. Over the years, he has become involved in almost every aspect of support operations, including pyrotechnics and explosives support.

Computer Design/3D Printing

Computer Designer/3D Printer Supervisor
CNC/3D Printer Operator & Design


Key Fabricator
Shop/Set Technician
Fabricator/Set Technician
Set Foreman


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